I’m sure there are plenty of people out their that feel misunderstood, and now I’m a member of that crowd too.

The problem with me is that my appearance doesn’t suit my personality. Most times I dress as a stereotypical girl with make up with nice things. No, there is more to me.

Why should you dress to reflect your personality? So people can judge your appearance and decide what type of person you are? What happened to judging a book by the cover, because if people followed that principle, people would know me better.

If people stopped and actually properly listened, they’d understand that i have an international mentality. I love to learn about the world, the different cultures, languages, history, architecture, the listen can go on and on.

I wish people cut me a break, and actually take the time to know me, not taking what they can see. Because like so many other people, there is more to me than my appearance.

"Kim Kardashian became famous after a sex tape, something everyone has forgotten. However for the rest of us, the past will always come back and bite us."

I seriously don’t understand how that even works. 

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"I gots a taste for men who’re older
It’s always been, so it’s no surprise"

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O meri adaayein teer hain,
Haan meri adaayein teer hain,
Meri adaayein teer hain,
Mere yaar nishana tum

Asalaam-e-ishqum yaara,

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